Patch Sprint 2012: Starkey Threepeat… Moffett Meltdown… Hot Action on Poko

And they’re off… second wave start

It was hot.  The annual Patch Sprint mountain running race and fundraiser for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation was hosted by Pok0 MacCready Camps on Saturday.  Cole Starkey turned in another solid performance and won his third consecutive Janny as Patch Sprint World Champion, equalling the hat trick turned by Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak in 2002-2003-2004.  Look for Cole to eclipse another of Kobak’s records with his fourth consecutive win in 2013.

Cole Starkey Flies down Rattlesnake Mountain

It was hot.  Conditions for the elite field were sultry and humid, making the already tough race tougher than most anticipated.  Six time champion, Jason Fiegl, set the pace up Bare Mt. before Starkey made his move and went off the front.  Cole was chased by an impressive Mark Corell who wound up finishing second overall.   Kurt Schuler also turned heads with his awesome charge into third. Only some course savvy from Corell kept Schuler out of the silver medal.  HURT Nordic’s Austin Huneck settled for fourth.

Dem Huneck Boys

The race featured tons of drama in the field, with positions changing and attacks and charges being launched again and again.  Tim Huneck and Jim Kobak battled early before Huneck charged en route to Sugarloaf Mt.  Huneck then hunted down Jason Fiegl on the final climb up Poko.  Kobak settled in to an easy pace in the middle part of the race before invoking the spirit of the DEVILS, turning it on for a 26 minute ascent of Poko, catching Caleb Balderson and Jon Richardson on the flanks of the mountain.


Kobak was motivated by Deb Nordyke who caught him on Sugarloaf.  The two exchanged attacks before running the back road together. Deb was intensely focused, invigorating Kobak to blitz Poko.  Nordyke was bent on catching Patty Hurlburt who was looking incredibly strong and got out to a sizable lead.  However, the beast that is PokoMoonshine delivered a crushing blow, crippling Patty to a standstill on the upper part of the mountain.  Deb managed to catch Patty and finish second overall in the women’s race.

Jason Fiegl rockets down Rattlesnake

BEAST veterans, Jerry Ross and Tom Moffett, suffered in the heat.  Ross finished in just over 3 hours, while Moffett succumbed to the heat on Rattlesnake and dragged his carcass up Poko.  Other BEAST Veterans, Tim Singer, Katie Moffett and Karen and Holley  had solid efforts.  Unfortunately, Ultimate Ranger Fan, Jake Gittler could not attend the race after suffering the indignity of watching his team getting eliminated from the playoffs… LETS GO DEVILS!!!

Patty and Tom… long before the damage was inflicted

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: MEN  (full results posted soon at

1. Cole Starkey, Tulsa OK

2. Mark Corell, Calgary AB

3.  Kurt Schuler, Jackson NH

4.  Austin Huneck, HURT Nordic, Rexford NY

5.  Jon Strazza, Richmond VT*

6.  Tim Huneck, HURT Nordic, Rexford NY

7.  Jason Fiegl, Peru Nordic, Reber, NY

8.  Jim Kobak, Peru Nordic, Peru, NY

9.  Jon Richardson, Brooklyn NY

10. Caleb Balderson, Chicago, IL

Women’s Results… Top 3

1.  Courtney Giles, Richmond VT*

2.  Deb Nordyke, Saratoga Biathlon, Day NY

3.  Patty Hurlburt, Peru Nordic, Keene Valley NY

*9 o’clock wave starter

Summit of Poko… PS 2012

The fundraising event was a tremendous success, with over $9000 being raised for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation which raises money to send kids to Summer Camp.  Thanks to all who participated and donated to the 2012 Patch Sprint!!!!  See you in 2013.


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