BEAST Sultans of Swat Bomb Bare

KONG says “Play Ball!!!”

The BEAST squad took the field for the final time before the Patch Sprint to pay tribute to BABE RUTH and to do a little trail marking.

Batter Up

The crew included defending Patch Sprint Champ, Cole Starkey who “Called his shot” by blasting Danny Sheridan and predicting that he would hit it out of the park on Saturday, breaking his current World Record.  “I’m doing it for little Jake Gittler, I’ll hit one out for you, Jake.”

Beast Chin Music

The other players had prognostications for the big race on Saturday.  Jason Fiegl promised to keep it “High and tight” on Saturday.  Tom Moffett was planning to go “deep into the count.”  Jim Kobak was hoping to “protect the plate.” Skip Singer was definitely going to “take the first pitch.”   Tricia Woodward was going to pull a “Double switch” and Jerry Ross was planning to execute a “Suicide squeeze.”  The Patch Sprint Course grounds crew has kept the course in great shape and trail marking continues on Friday.  The Big Event is nigh!

This is your last chance to vote for your favorite BEAST!!

Jason “It ain’t over til it’s over” Fiegl
Jim “Bucky Dent” Kobak
Tom “The Bambino” Moffett
Tricia “Murderers Row” Woodward
Jerry “Scooter” Ross
Cole “Barry Bonds” Starkey
Skip “The Splendid Splinter” Singer
Katie “There’s no crying in the Patch Sprint” Moffett (Artist’s Interpretation)

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