Patch Sprint Looms! Last BEAST This Thursday… A Tribute to the Babe

KONG is Ready… are you???

The Patch Sprint is just a few days away and the BEAST is winding down.  KONG has just about done his duty, shaping and molding his minions into lean, mean, Patch Sprinting machines!

Moffett rips up Rattlesnake

Most notable has been the rise of Tom Moffett.  He looks poised to clinch the BEAST series and is in the best running shape he has been in recent memory.  If he can avoid the dreaded “Moffett Bonk” on the way up Sugarloaf, expect a PR and a top 6 finish.  Catch all of Danny Sheridans race predictions at the Patch Sprint website.

The Babe

The BEAST will meet up for the final time this season to put in a hard effort up Bare and to pay tribute to BABE RUTH, on this day the babe hit his 714th and final home run.  The crew will meet at 5 at the 1812 Homestead on Thursday afternoon.  On Friday morning, the BEAST Sherpa Crew will be bringing their cache to the summit of Poko, meeting up at the Poko Trailhead at 10 am.  Then, on Friday afternoon, the BEAST Forerunners will be helping with some course marking on the route through Fiegalley.  The Patch Sprint goes off at 10 AM on Saturday!!!

BEAST Standings… one race left!

BEAST Races total
Tom M 8 124
Kobak 8 111
Gittler 6 96
Fiegl 6 86
KT Mo 8 84
Ross 6 70
Karen and Holly 4 48
Ma Mo 3 47
Rose 3 33
Skip 3 30
Andrew G 1 11
Alec G 1 10
Patty H 1 10


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