Intrepid BEASTIES Head into Uncharted Territory

Circle the Wagons!!!

With the theme “LEWIS AND CLARK” the BEAST training crew geared up for a trip into the unknown wilds of the backside of Sugarloaf.

Luckily, we had this map!

The race to the summit was one of the more exciting of the season with excellent tactical moves being played out on the course.  Jason Fiegl got out to an early lead on the lower sections, however his buckskin singlet kept him in check.  Tom Moffett, fresh with new sneakers, managed to reel Fiegl in just as the trail turned steep.  Jim Kobak, lagging behind during the running section, also managed to catch the lead pack on the steeps.  Moffett waited patiently for a flat-ish section where he attacked Fiegl hard,  Fiegl could not respond, but Kobak did.  Moffett then attacked again, putting Fiegl into serious jeopardy.  Kobak managed to stay with the frenetic pace and settled in behind Moffett.  Mid-way up the ‘Loaf, Kobak then attacked Moffett on a steep pitch and did not look back.  Kobak reached the summit first in 18:34, followed by Moffet a minute later.  Fiegl arrived shortly thereafter, followed by a resurgent Jerry Ross.  Katie Moffett also had a personal best time to the summit.  Karen and Holly also hammered out an impressive assault on Sugarloaf.

“Squaw, follow me through the wilderness!”

The group was led down the treacherous backside of Sugarloaf by noted trail dowser and guide, Jay Fiegl. En route, Tom Moffett found the lost KONG, and personally nursed him back to health.  Karen and Holly have not been seen since… oh the terrors of the backside of the ‘Loaf!!!

Moffett nurses KONG back to health

Only two weeks left until the big day… next week the crew gathers at the Route 9 snowplow turnaround to attack Poko-Moonshine Mt.  The theme is MT ST HELENS and Inertia TV will be on hand to capture the eruptions at the summit!

Moffett’s new shoes, rescued from the rubble of Chernobyl

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Jason Fiegl
Tom Moffett
Jerry Ross
Jim Kobak
Karen and Holly, sans Holly
Katie Moffett (Artist’s Interpretation)


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