BEAST Avengers Assemble!

Beast Avengers Assemble!

Members of the BEAST crew got in an extra day on the Patch Sprint course to inspect conditions and improve marking along the route.

Wonder Twins!

Special Agent from SHIELD, Skip Fury, summoned the Beast Avengers to check out conditions on the route.  Jake “Captain Ultimate Ranger” Gittler was unavailable in order to “study for his final exams.” Jerry “Hawkeye” Ross was also unavailable (actually we forgot to call him), but he must have convinced the Wonder Twins to scout the route from Bare to Rattlesnake.

Beast Avengers Atop Bare Mt.

Jason “Hulk Smash” Fiegl, Patty “Black Widow” Hurlburt, Tom “Iron Man” Moffett and Jim “I wish I was as kick-ass as Thor” Kobak all combined their superpowers for a run over Bare, Rattlesnake and Sugarloaf and a descent off the back side of the ‘Loaf and through Fiegalley.

En Route towards Fiegalley

Conditions are excellent.  Fiegalley is easily passable and there were hardly any spiders or water in the Northway tunnel.  The Beaver Dam water level is fairly low, and there has been some debate as to whether the old route across the dam may be the preferred way for 2012.

Northway Tunnel… Dry with minimal spiders

After 2/3 of the BEAST Season, Gittler and Moffet are tied atop the leader board.  With the Ultimate Ranger busy with playoff duties, Moffett just might be able to hold off the field for the season victory.  Stay tuned… next Thursday LEWIS AND CLARK expedition up and over Sugarloaf!

BEAST Races total
Gittler 6 96
Tom M 6 96
Kobak 6 88
Fiegl 5 67
KT Mo 6 63
Ross 5 58
Ma Mo 3 47
Rose 3 33
Karen and Holly 2 24
Skip 2 20
Andrew G 1 11
Alec G 1 10
Patty H 1 10

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