The BEAST Enters the Forbidden Zone!

The BEAST crew donned their protective coveralls to brave the post-apocalyptic Hell-scape that is Poko-Moonshine Mountain.  The summit ridge has received massive blow down recently as if a core melt accident emanated from the firetower.

The disaster was investigated by the BEAST Crew who determined that once the fuel elements of the reactor begin to melt, the primary containment was breached first by Kobakium-666, which made it up Poko in 21:03.  The nuclear fuel, including Hurlburtium-46, within the fuel elements leached out into the coolant only a minute behind. Subsequent failures permitted these radioisotopes to breach further layers of containment like Fiegelium-88, as he fought off the blowdown to the summit.  Superheated steam and hot metal inside the core created fuel-coolant interactions, hydrogen explosions, and water hammer, any of which could have destroyed parts of the containment much like Tommoffettium-27 devastated the trail just past the old ranger cabin, putting in his best time up Poko.

This meltdown was considered very serious because the radioactive materials with long half-lives like Jerryrossium-68, could have breached all containment and escape (or be released) into the environment, resulting in radioactive contamination and fallout, and leading to radiation poisoning of people and animals nearby. The amount of radioactivity from Mamoium-29 and Karenandhollyium-2 released into the environment due to a core melt was measured at 666 becquerels.

Spent fuel rods of Ultimaterangerium-1940 were packaged and shipped to a waste containment plant in NYC.

Luckily, the BEAST crew was on hand to begin the clean up the radioactive mess, KONG was rescued but authorities suggest that civilians stay clear of the area, especially on Saturday, May 26

Don’t forget to vote for the BEASTIE who most exemplified the theme “CHERNOBYL”

Jerry Ross
Patty Hurlburt
Jason FIegl
Karen and Holly
Tom Moffett
Marque Moffett
Jim Kobak
Jake Gittler
Katie Moffett (artist's interpretation)

The BEAST continues next week with the KENTUCKY DERBY!


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