BEAST Training Series, One Third of the Way to the Sprint

BEAST Crew prepares for TAX day.

The BEAST Training Series is one-third of the way through and already participants are on pace for outstanding results in the 2012 Patch Sprint.  Racers receive points for time and votes received online for adhering to the weekly theme, as well as occasionally some random bonus points.

Kobak preaches to the poor, unwashed masses at TEBOWMANIA

Week one’s TEBOWMANIA Race saw Jim Kobak win the day with 22 points and an 11 minute sprint up Bare Mt.  Kobak hasn’t been that fast since 2007, the year he last won the Patch Sprint.

The Ultimate Fan is the Ultimate EASTER BUNNY champion!

Week two featured a Jake Gittler domination with 36 points in the EASTER BUNNY race up Rattlesnake.  Gittler’s time one of his’ fastest ever up the ‘Snake in spite of being outfitted in a full pink bunny pajama costume.

Moffett calculates INCOME TAX victory!

Week three’s INCOME TAX race’s overall winner was Tom Moffett with points.  Moffett was over a minute faster on the road course than he has ever been, and is focused on putting in a sub 2:45 sprint this season.

Moffett chases Gittler for the overall series lead

Overall, Gittler leads the series, followed closely by Tom Moffett.  The Series continues this week with EARTH DAY, a race up Sugarloaf and a trip down the back side.  meet up at the 1812 Homestead at 5 pm on Thursday (Fore-runners meet at 4 on Wed)

BEAST total
Gittler 59
Tom M 57
Kobak 48
KT Mo 44
Ma Mo 33
Fiegl 29
Ross 22
Rose 11
Andrew G 11
Alec G 10

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