BEASTER BUNNIES Hop into Action!

Beaster Bunnies ready to find the eggs!

The BEAST Crew set out to celebrate the Spring season with a killer workout… and a thump-tastic BEASTER EGG Hunt atop Rattlesnake Mountain.

Trix are for Kids!

The BEASTER BUNNY made a trip to the summit of the ‘Snake earlier in the week to hide KONG and to hide BEASTER goodies.

Little Fiegl Foo Foo hops through the forest looking for field mice to bop on the head.

Racers convened at the Homestead in their best Beaster Bonnets to hop into race action.  Starting from the Rattlesnake Pkg Lot, Jim Kobak had the fastest pace, no tortoise was going to beat this hare to the summit today.  Kobak put in a hare-raising 15:20 to the top.  “There’s no better way to celebrate the ultimate sacrifice made by our Lord and Savior, Tim Tebow, than to hunt for brightly colored plastic eggs on the summit of a beautiful Adirondack peak.”

This Energizer Bunny gust keeps going and going and going and going...

Jason Fiegl, nibbled away at the time of Kobak, finishing just about a minute behind.  Tom Moffett lagomorphed into third, slightly faster than Jake Gittler.

I'm Late! I'm Late for a very important date!

The rest of the warren was not far behind, both Katie and Marque Moffett used carrot power to get to the top.

Beaster Egg Bonus!!!

At the summit, Fiegl and Marque simultaneously found KONG and won the bonus, all participants hunted feverishly for eggs.

Bunny Socks!

Alas, no Peeps.

Thumper vs KONG!

Vote for the Best BEASTER BUNNY

Jason "Br'er" Fiegl (doing his best to alienate the PETA vote).
Tom "Harvey" Moffett
Marque "Velveteen" Moffett (the Cheshire Rabbit?)
Jake "Peter Cottontail" Gittler
Jim "Bugs" Kobak
Katie "NesQuick" Moffett (Artist's approximation)

NOTE:  Next Week’s BEAST *Tax Day Extravaganza* will take place on Wednesday afternoon, this should give you extra time to file your 1040.


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