Top O’the Mountain To Ya! Another “W” for the Peru Nordiques

Patty throws the "W" (don't read between the lines).

3/17/2012- On St. Patty’s Day, Peru Nordic’s own St. Patty “Peakbagger of Pugnacity” Hurlburt finished her Winter 46 atop Seymour Mountain.

Bike Hike Bike

In what was dubbed “operation Pedal O’Metal” Hurlburt, along with Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and Tim “Bringer of Hurt” Huneck, dusted off the Mountain Bike and rode the three miles from the Corey’s horse assembly area to the Summer Pkg Lot.

Still lots of snow up high... shortsleeves and snowshoes!

Hiking conditions were surprisingly good, “I was expecting deep mud and slush.” said Kobak.  The weather had been quite mild and the day’s temperatures soared into the lower 60s.  However things were mostly frozen overnight, so the mud and snow was firm throughout the morning making for easy going.


The trio summited Seymour at 11 am, and celebrated with a St. Patricks day feast of Swedish Fish and Celtic Ale while basking in the warm March sun.  Conditions were softening quickly on the descent, but the Peakbagging team was able to make it out with reasonable ease.

Getting pumped for the Patch Sprint!

Congratulations to Patty on her Winter 46 finish….  Seymour go brah!


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