It’s over… A season recap!

The fat lady is singing...

I know that some of you are waiting for Winter to begin, however the 2011-12 Peru Nordic season ended today, leaving many scratching their heads… “wha’happened?”

September… Unofficial Official Start to the Ski Season

9/7/11… In spite of the onslaught of Hurricane Irene, Metal Thrashing Mad Thursdays begins at Point Au Roche.  The weekly rollerski timetrial pits Peru Nordic and Saratoga Biathlon skiers against each other.  Spirits are high, and there is a good vibe about the upcoming season.

9/11/11… Tom Moffett wins the Denim Vest at the Peru Nordic Masters Masters.  Let’s just say that our skiing is light years ahead of our golf.

9/17/11… Peru Nordic survives the Climb to the Castle, no wheels fall off, and even two Peru Nordiques, Joe Korzinecki and Chris Rose, place on the Master podium and are only moderately mocked by the USST and College kids.

October… Official Unofficial Start to the Ski Season

10/1/11… Foreshadowing the upcoming season, the annual Angel of Death race takes place in driving rain, and has to be shortened due to poor trail conditions.

10/11/11… The Blockbuster video… Peru Nordic Vs. USST Training Challenge is released, and in spite of critical acclaim, and it’s glowing tribute to 80s Rocky training montages, the USST deems it “not good enough, and it’s just a bunch of loser master blasters trying to train, All in, let’s kill it, all out, boom! yo!”

10/16/11… Peru Nordic looks to throw down at the Jericho Range Roll race, but instead get destroyed by the field of New Englanders, Tim Cowan shakes his head.

10/29/11.  Participants in the Carnival of Sins Rollerski Carnival get some great Skadi Nordic gift bags and swag!

November… Unofficial Official Start to the on-snow season

11/6/11… SUFFERFEST!!! A record crowd turns out for a grinding ski on a warm November day.  Little did we know at the time that most of the upcoming winter would see similar conditions.

11/11/11… Peru Nordic turns it up to 11 on National Metal Day by catching Anthrax in Worcester, Ma… Fight ’em ’til you can’t!

11/23/11… Thanksgiving Snow!!! Wow, winter is gonna be great!!! we’re on snow at Thanksgiving!!!

11/26/11… Team day at HPC!!! Wow, winter is gonna be great!!! We’ve bought a bunch of new ski crap!!!

11/27/11… More skiing on snow!!! Wow, winter is f’n here!!! it’s on!!!

11/28/11… Rollerskiing…

December… Official Unofficial Start to the on-snow season

12/15/11… The new Peru Nordic Ski Suits arrive just in time for the NYSEF Season Opener.

12/16/11… NYSEF Season Opener Cancelled.

12/26/11… Peru Nordic Tour de Ski start postponed.

12/27/11… Peru Nordic Tour de Ski postponed again.

12/28/11… Peru Nordic Tour de Ski postponed…

12/29/11… Just get out and do something… we’ll count it as the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski!!!

January… Unofficial Official Start to the Racing Season

1/11/12… Race after race on the NYSSRA calendar cancel.  Peru Nordic hosts first War Ensemble over a month late.

1/21/12… Ed Lis and Keith Kogut combine for the Gauntlet relay world championship.

1/23/12… More races cancel, Peru Nordic’s Peakbagging team takes up the slack.

1/25/12… In a pathetic turn of events, Peru Nordic hosts its first War Ensemble on rollerskis at Point Au Roche.  Frisbee Golf, black ice and low morale prevails.

1/30/12… Paul Smith’s College invites the desperate Peru Nordiques  to a secret race at the VIC.  Peru goes all Masters on the field and gives the students a lesson in violence.

February… Official Unofficial Start to the Racing Season

2/3/12… In celebration of the LP Loppet postponement, Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick finishes his 46 atop Iroquois.

2/5/12… Peru Nordiques are still dizzy from skiing the 1 km lap at the ski jumps during the ESG weekend.

2/6/12….  Jon Santor goes Eli and wins his first Superbowl of Skiing Foam Finger.

2/9/12… Rookie sensation, Mike Tuthill, tempts fate and wins the Deathskinada Death’s Head!

2/18/12… Peru scouts out a new event and dominates the day at the Lumberjack Classic in Tupper Lake

2/19/12… SpiderStan Hatch wins the masters hillclimb at West Mt.

2/22/12… A new record for Caloric Consumption is set as Evan Greenberg wins Fat Tuesday… without Egg Nogg!

2/23/12… Operation Full Throttle is a success as Jason Fiegl becomes a Winter 46r atop Seymour Mt.

2/25/12.. The Cookie Classic Freestyle is a tremendous success!  Over $600 raised for Dewey Mt. and The Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation.  Peru Nordic skis and destroys CF!!!

March… Unofficial Official End of Ski Season

3/3/12… Mike Wynn wins the NYSSRA Champions Cup 18 km Freestyle at MVH.  Making it 2 years in a row that a Peru Nordique reigns supreme over NYSSRA Nordic.

3/4/12… Wynn teams up with Chris Rose to win the NYSSRA Club Championship Relay.  Peru Nordic narrowly misses capturing the championship banner… just 7 points shy of breaking up HURT’s three-peat.

3/7/12… RAGNAROK!  Kobak battles Winter to the very end… captures Mjollnir and the LP Loppet capitulates.

3/8/12… LP Loppet cancells.  Rose wins the Viking Helmet…Winter Ends!

April… Official Unofficial End…wait, what? we didn’t even make it to April??!?!? WTF???


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