Wynn Conquers New York! Medal Mayhem at NYSSRA Championships!


For the second straight season, a Peru Nordiqe has won the NYSSRA Nordic Champions Cup race and has received the title of New York State Cross Country Ski Champion.  This time it was Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn, who controlled the race from the start in spite of tricky conditions.

Warm temperatures and a pre-race deluge softened the course, organizers shortened the effort to 3 x 6 km laps.  Then, blazing sun softened some spots even more.  “The carnage on the Brookside Hill was unbelievable.  Guys in full tucks would hit a sunny spot and their skis stopped dead, I think Bob Underwood broke his ski.” Said a bedazzled Jerry Curcio, who himself glided effortlessly through the pile of bodies on his brand new Carbonlites courtesy of High Peaks Cyclery: Your Nordic Specialists.   

Wynn won his first championship, and lead a Peru Nordic assault on the top ten, with Chris Rose finishing Fourth overall and Keith Kogut and Jim Kobak finishing in 8th and 9th overall respectively.  Peru Nordic won 8 medals on the day capturing victories in the J2,M3, M6 and M8 categories.



Mike Wynn M3 (NY State Champ!!!)

Bryce Hartman J2

Joe Korzinecki M6

Chris Beattie M8


Chris Rose M3

Keith Kogut SR

Stan Hatch M5

Mike Tuthill J1


Jim Kobak M3

Peru Nordiques were also all over the NYSSRA Points Series Red Group.  Peru Nordic had Seven skiers in the top 30 overall points, led by Chris Rose who finished second in the “quest for the vest” in 2012.


2.  Chris Rose

7.  Jim Kobak

8.  Jerry Curcio

18. Stan Hatch

20. Jon Santor

22. Ed Lis

28. Keith Kogut

Peru Nordic also had a two overall NYSSRA Points Series Champions,  Chris Rose won the M3 overall title, and Jerry Curcio won the M6 overall titles.

Congrats to all Nordiques… SKIED AND DESTROYED!  Club Championship Relay today!!!


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