Fistful of Metal!!! Peru Nordic Digs Deep to Win 2012 Club Championship Relay!

Heroic Efforts all around... Nothing left but sweet victory!

What an effort!  Chris Rose “worked the hardest I ever have in my entire life ever” and Mike Wynn “…was at the limit…”, but the pair was able to best HURT Nordic’s elite relay team to win the 2012 NYSSRA Club Championship Relay.

Wynn coasts through the finish "I had him all along!"

Coming in to the final exchange, HURT had about an 8 second gap on Mike Wynn.  The gap was closed with just a few hundred meters to go before Mike, fresh off his 2012 NY State Championship, sprinted to the win by half a ski length.

Peru Nordic Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't!

Peru Nordic’s Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t squad of Keith Kogut and Jim Kobak were also able to hold off another HURT squad to capture the overall bronze medal.  Kogut came into the anchor leg exchange with a 10 second gap, and Kobak was able to just barely hold on, flailing all the way to the line in another finish sprint.

Newest Nordique... Tyra. Pink Skulls and Sequined Blood on our suits in the future?

Peru also managed to win gold in the mixed relay.  Stan Hatch teamed up with fresh new recruit, and NY State Junior Womens’ Champ, Tyra Wynn.  Tyra got a quick a capella serenade of Metallica’s “Orion” sung to her by Chris Rose before the free agent signing moments before the event (this was done in order to meet Peru Nordic’s stringent membership criterion of having listened to Master of Puppets before becoming a member).

Newell charges at the start

Peru Nordic also scored another free agent signing, inking Aaron Newell to a deal just before the relay.  Newell skied a strong race and really upped the game of Bryce Hartman who skied strong and finished fifth overall.

Persistence of Time

Peru had a couple of other strong teams in the field, including another dominant relay performance by Ed Lis and Joe Korzinecki.  Capturing the overall silver in the mixed relay was the powerhouse squad of Janet Findlay, Dave Hunter and Chris Beattie.  Likewise, the duo of Evan Klein and Mike Tuthill put in a dynamic performance.

Peru Nordic's Young Guns Fired on all Cylinders today!

Peru Nordic won the overall points for the day, but alas, came up ever so shy of the overall NYSSRA Club Series Championship. Once again, HURT Nordic won the series… Just wait ’til next year!

2012 NYSSRA Club Relay Champions... FISTFUL of METAL!

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