Sparks Fly as Rose Rockets into Victory Lane at Skaytona

Qualifying... Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!

Inspired by the pre-race prayer, Chris Rose dialed in his setup and turned in a killer qualifying lap.  Rose then carried  his lead through the main event at Gauntlet Stadium Superspeedway to win the Skaytona 500.

Trading Paint... Rubbin' is Racin'

Qualifying was tight, with Rose taking the pole. Jim Kobak rode the high groove into second position, with Mike Tuthill riding a new crankcase into third.

Riding on the Apron

When the green flag was dropped, racing was on.  Kobak was a little tight in the corners, allowing Tuthill to jump into Rose’s draft.  Keith Kogut’s weight jacking allowed him to climb up in the pack.  Elena and Bryce drafted just ahead of Janet Findlay.

Running like Jack the Bear

Timing and adjustments on pit road determined the outcome of the day.  Kobak pitted early, While most drivers pitted late, “My POS was pushing like a dump truck, my tires were chattering and I ran out of talent in Turn 4 and put it in the wall.  Luckily my crew made some early adjustments that got me back into the race.”  Kogut opted for a quick spash-n-go in the pit but Tuthill had bigger issues, ” The car checked out fine in the dyno, but it did not make any difference with the bear grease on the track. I got caught in Kogut’s dirty air, and all I could do was hope the scuffs and 200 mph tape would help the machine run flat-out.”  Rose was able to run his rig into the later laps, saving his pit for the end, “I was a little spun out, it was getting a little loose and I was running up against the fence but I got four stickers on the sled and brought ‘er home!”

Gotta avoid the marbles and bear grease

As the checkered flag flew, Rose cruised into Victory Lane.  Kobak managed to hang on to second.  Kogut and Tuthill battled for third, with Tuthill edging Kogut for third “… that squirrel was a real gasser,  jeezum I gotta kick a tire”  Bryce and Elena finished fourth and fifth, with Janet Findlay as back marker.


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