Peru Nordic’s Peakbagging Team gets another “W”

It's all about the "W!"

Jay Fiegl emphatically put the “W” in “Wilbury of Woe” on Thursday evening.   Fiegl and Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak Moto-Ski-Trekked the four peaks of the Seward Range, allowing Fiegl to finish his Winter 46 on the Summit of Seymour Mt.

Skiing in to Calkins Creek

Operation Full Throttle left the Summer Pkg. Lot at 8:20 am and battled through 6″ of new wet snow as they skied the approach to Calkins Creek.  At Calkins Creek, the duo carried their skis as they snowshoed up Donaldson Mt.  The new snow, about 10″ deep at the higher elevations made for a hard day of breaking trail, and getting soaking wet.  Light snow fell off and on throughout the day and the peaks were entirely socked in.

Heading up Seward

By 2:30 pm the duo had climbed Donaldson, Emmons and Seward Mts. before heading down the North side of Seward.  Reaching the Bottom of Seward just before 4 pm, the pair decided to “go for it” and raced impending darkness as they broke trail up what turned out to be a beastly climb of Seymour.

Fiegl Finishes!!! Now lets get the f** out of here!

At 5:46 PM Fiegl reached the summit of Seymour, becoming a winter 46er.  He joins Kobak in Peru Nordic’s winter 46er roster.  Patty “Peakbagger of Pugnacity” Hurlburt should become the next Nordique to earn the “W” this winter as she currently sits with 44 winter peaks done.

Moto-Ski-Trekking Madness!

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