FAT TUESDAY… so fat it dun’lopped over into Wednesday

that's PHAT!

Always a fan favorite, the annual Peru Nordic “FAT TUESDAY” race was greeted with gluttonous excitement and even some new-fallen snow!!!!  Racers gathered at Gauntlet stadium, skied a 2.5 km lap, stopped and snacked on delicious Little Debbie Snack Cakes before heading out for a second lap.  The amount of calories consumed under the gastronomical oversight of the Lord of Destruction was then used to adjust the skiers overall time.   Each skier earned one bonus second for each calorie consumed (Note to Tom Moffett: by calories, we actually mean kilocalories or Calories).

Chris Rose peruses the tasty treats to be had in the Skadi Snack Bag!

Evan Greenberg and Keith Kogut dueled it out both on the snow and at the snack table.  Greenberg’s ability to get down a Lemon Pie and four or five Fudge Rounds along with an Oatmeal Creme Pie or two enabled him to overtake Kogut for the win.  Greenberg’s final tally was 1050 calories consumed between laps, or 17:30 of Bonus time!  Kogut was no slouch, dowing 980 calories himself, but was a little disappointed that he “couldn’t wash it down with some Stewarts Egg Nogg.”

These Guys can EAT!!!

The young Peru Nordiques were quite impressive, showing the old guard how to slam snack cakes.  In spite of having the fastest time of the day, and eating a Chocolate Pudding Pie, Chris Rose couldn’t reach the podium.  “I can’t compete with those guys shoving Swiss Cake Rolls down their gullets like that…”

Mike T races back to the snack table..."I was still a little hungry..."

In fact Bryce, Evan K. and Mike T. were able to leap frog up the overall standings by cramming as much as they could into their faces.  Mike was so voracious, he even swiped Elena’s Swiss Cake Roll, leaving her with nothing but a celery stick to gnaw on during the race.

Don’t forget to register for the COOKIE CLASSIC (now a freestyle race) this Saturday.  SKI AND DESTROY!!!


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