Finally.. some racing on snow. Foam Fingers and Death’s Head

Racing... On Snow!?!?!?!

The Peru Nordiques have finally gotten some racing on snow.  Although conditions are still as thin as a layer of kick wax on Chris Rose’s bases.

Deathskinada... Tempt fate if you dare!

Over the weekend, Chris Rose led the Peru Nordiques with three Gold Medals at the ESGs. Rose and 2011 NY State champ, Jon Santor battled tooth and nail over the course at the ski jumps during the classic race.  Then, with a big move at the end, combined with some savvy prognosticating over the final score of the big game, Jon Santor won his first Foam Finger, emblematic of Superbowl of Skiing supremacy!


On Wednesday, the first War Ensemble in many moons finally got off at MVH.  The Deathskinada Death’s Head Trophy was on the line as skiers tried to “go negative” in their splits on the course.  Chris Rose made a tactical error, skiing too slow on his first lap.  Bob Maswick skied too slowly on his second lap.  And Fate, determined by the Deathskinada Tarot Cards, frowned on Maz but smiled on Mike Tuthill.  Mike just out skied Alaena “Ace of Spades” Alaena to win his first Peru Nordic Major Trophy victory and became the youngest skier in history to win a Major!

The Kiss of Death

Races are starting to pop up all over the place.  There is some racing over the next few weeks at the Paul Smith’s VIC (conditions are reported to be “excellent”)  Some Nordiques are headed to Ottawa for the Gatineau Loppet including Keith Kogut who will be doing the impressive “double 50.”  Fifty km of Classic technique on Saturday followed by 50 km of freestyle on Sunday.

Lots of ski racing on the calendar, hoping Mother Nature decides to play along.

Next Wednesday’s War Ensemble is the USTBBA Certified Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.  Come on out to Mount Van Ho on Wednesday evening for some shoot-em-up fun!


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