Peru Nordic Makes Most out of Snowless Winter

Rollerski Frisbee Golf in January? Tragically sad... someone help these people!

It’s been perhaps the worst winter on record.  2011-12 has been basically snowless.  Mount Van Hoevenberg has become an unskiable glacier and Chris Rose was seen rollerskiing on River Rd the other day!

M3 Podium Sweep!!!

The Peru Nordiques have been struggling with the disappointing weather, most War Ensemble races have had to be cancelled, one was even contested on rollerskis at Point Au Roche and Peru Nordic had not had a chance to do a NYSSRA race until yesterday, February 3.  And this race was the 2km freestlyle ESG prologue held on a man made loop at the jumps.  One consolation is that Peru Nordic swept the M3 podium… the division often touted as “the most competitive in Nordic ski racing.”

Maz, the conquering hero finishes his 46 atop Iroquois. "PBR on me!"

The peakbagging team has been out… and congratulations to Bob Maswick who finished his Adirondack 46 high peaks on Friday, February 3.  Maz joins a long list of Nordiques who have conquered NY’s highest peaks, and now has instant expertise on all matters of hiking and climbing.

Stan Hatch... in happier times

In spite of the rotten weather, skiing has been had, although the conditions are dreadful.  Stan “Enigma of Uncertainty” Hatch has been out in the Saranac New Land Trust, which has a fun network of trails embedded in the remains of an old hippie commune.  Jon “Anathama of Outrage” Santor has relocated to Rainbow Lake and has been tearing up the terrain at the renovated Paul Smith’s VIC trails.

If anyone can help bring winter back... this guy can!

The Harvester of Sorrow is heading down to the crossroads to make a deal with the Devil and to hopefully turn winter around.

Inertia TV has been chronicling the whole sorry state of affairs:

Inertia TV Snowless Winter


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