Peru Nordic Goes Back To School… Delivers a Lesson in Violence!

Even Santor dusted off his old college duds and raced as a Paul Smith's Alum!

Desperate for racing, the Peru Nordic Masters teamed up with Paul Smith’s College and Clarkson University to hammer out the 20 km Wicked Relay.  Paul Smith’s hosted the event and had a “secret” groomed TT course ready for the event.

Peru Nordic sent three teams to the event.  The team of Chris Rose and Keith Kogut managed to school most of the college kids and finish second overall.  The Junior development squad of Evan Klein and Mike Tuthill held their own and got some Advanced Placement CAP credit for their efforts.  The mixed relay team of Janet Findlay and David Hunter also finished strong, earning honorary degrees as professors emeriti of Nordic Skiing.

The teams were greeted by a fresh layer of snow delivered by a heavy squall.  The softened course allowed Peru Nordic’s savvy Keskinada veterans to apply the “Keski Skate” technique.  This technique is utilized by most masters during long 50 km events and resembles a slow V1 or offset with a long glide phase.  “These young college kids need to learn the ways of the Masters,” said Chris Rose.  “Sit in and don’t be afraid to utilize the Keski Skate.”

Peru Nordic’s next event is the annual SUPERBOWL OF SKIING WEEK.  The week kicks off with the Groundhog’s Day tribute race during Wednesday’s War Ensemble.  The fun continues with the Empire State Games Prologue on Friday afternoon, and the ESG CLassic Championships on Sunday.  Finally, skiers need to pick the winner of Sunday’s big game (the Giants) and the final score.  The skier who accumulates the most VHCS points during Superbowl Week will win the prestigious FOAM FINGER, one of Peru Nordic’s oldest major trophies.

During the Wednesday War Ensemble Groundhog’s Day Tribute Freestyle Race  Peru Nordic’s own Groundhog, “Van Ho Varg” will be standing outside his burrow.  Skiers will ski one lap before tossing three rays of sunshine (tennis balls) into Varg’s abode.  If a skier gets a ball into the bucket, the ultimate reward is had… six more weeks of winter.  If a skier fails to frighten Varg, he must ski six more dkm of race!


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