PeakBagging Team Racking Up the Ascents

The Peakbagging Team heads up Marcy on a clear cold morning.

The snow-drought that has crippled the NYSSRA season has opened up more opporunities for the Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team.  Cancellation of the NYSEF Harry Eldridge Freestyle Race allowed Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak to rally Jake “Jackal of Judas” Gittler, Patty “Peakbagger of Pugnacity” Hurlburt and Jason “Willbury of Woe” Fiegl to hammer out a trip up Marcy, Gray and Skylight on Jan 22.

Lake Tear of the Clouds... in the shadow of Mt. Marcy

The quartet of nordiques battled spruce traps and survived the “revenge of the Seafood Lasagne” to climb the trio of high peaks.  Conditions were cold, but clear and calm on Mt. Marcy, New York’s Highest Peak.  Climbing conditions were also excellent on Skylight Peak.

Entering the Wall of Trees... Spruce Trap City

The ascent up Gray Peak was uneventful, until the sledding herd-path 46er pixies challenged Peru Nordic, “…I don’t think you should try the bushwhack back to Marcy we did it once and it was thick.”  Well, the Peakbagging Team, with well over 30 traverses of that route between them, was bent on opening up the route and to dove headfirst into the wall of trees to break out the route along the ridge from Gray to Marcy.

Out of the trees... "woah that lasagne is not sitting so good"

Powered by black licorice and Swedish fish, Fiegl pushed through most of the spruce traps.  Kobak got the ball in the late innings before turning it over to Hurlburt who, with “Enter Sandman” blasting over the PA, finished the bushwhacking trailbreaking job.

The Top of New York

The lone casualty of the day was Gittler who succumbed to the curse of the Seafood Lasagne, and deposited much of his pre-hike meal on the slopes of Gray Peak.  “I swear it wasn’t too many ‘Iced Teas’ at the Peel Pub... It’s the lasagne, I swear…” Needless to say, Gittler recovered and made it back in time to stress out during the Giants overtime victory over the Niners.  (note:  Research has determined that spoiled hummus, and not seafood lasagne may have been the culprit, whatever the case, GitRichter managed to do his part to help the summit stewards fertilize the fragile alpine flora on Gray).

I think I've got some black licorice in here...

The Peakbagging Team will continue to assault the High Peaks as Fiegl, Gittler and Hurlburt all chase the elusive “W”… and as long as every ski race in the state gets cancelled.   Hike and Destroy!

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