Kogut Invests in Ed “Money” Lis for Gauntlet 2.0 World Championship!

Racers hammer the Gauntlet 2.0 Prologue!

Keith Kogut skied the third fastest prologue sprint, then teamed up with Ed Lis and won the Gauntlet 2.0 overall title.  Kogut and Lis were in an epic duel with Stan Hatch and Evan Greenberg, before Kogut took advantage of the conditions and attacked Hatch on an icy corner in the final lap to seal the victory.  Lis’ relay victory was his second in the last two seasons and now has an unprecedented 4 Gauntlet Relay championships.  When Ed’s in the race it’s “Money in the bank credit union” that he will be on the podium.

Lis puts it in the vault!

Desperate for a race after the NYSEF Harry Eldridge cancelleation, the Peru Nordic Masters met at New New Gauntlet Stadium for a do-over of the cancelled 2012 Gauntlet.  Dubbed Gauntlet 2.0, skiers raced a mass start 1.5 km prologue for seeding.  Then were paired up for the 6 x 1.5 km freestyle relay.

Stan punches the line!

Chris Rose and Jim Kobak battled tooth and nail during the prologue, with Rose out-sprinting Kobak at the line.  These two definitely left it all on the course for that hot lap, and it most likely cost them during the relay.  Kobak teamed up with Mike Tuthill and managed to hang on for the relay bronze.  Rose and Pete Minde ran out of gas and finished in the familiar wooden medal position.

Tuthill pushes Lis, raises his credit rating!

Kogut’s fast prologue, combined with his relay win, gave him the overall Gauntlet 2.0 championship.  Teammate, Ed Lis took the overall Silver, while Jim Kobak won the Bronze.

Overall Standings


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