Timely Hitting Vaults Kogut to War Ensemble Designated Hitter Victory

mass start... Batter Up!

Keith Kogut was sharp at the plate, and got some timely hits from his DH in order to leapfrog over the two fastest skiers on the day to win the second race in the War Ensemble season.

Intensity in the range

The race celebrated the adoption of the Designated Hitter by the American League on this date in 1973.  In the race skiers traversed two laps of the modified Viking Helmet Championship Course, and threw three tennis balls in between laps.  Each tennis ball “hit” earned the skier 30 seconds of bonus time.  After completion of the race, each skier drew the name of a “Designated Hitter” whose hits would also count as bonus time for that skier.

skiers heading back back back... waaaay back!

The race featured a huge field of Peru Nordiques, which made for some interesting chaos in the range (thanks again to Danielle and Zoe for ball retrieval and photography!).  A number of Skiers were perfect in the range, including last years top rated USTBBA biathlete, Chris Rose.  Rose had the fastest time of the day, but was not helped by the poor hitting of his DH.  Kogut was also perfect in the range, as well as rookie Mike Tuthill.  Janet Findlay was also three for three at the plate,  disclosing that she worked all summer with a personal instructor, spending countless hours in a Gauntlet Stadium replica range throwing thousands of tennis balls.

One of these guys can't hit the broad side of a barn

The worst performance on the range was put in by Jim “warning-track power” Kobak who, in spite of the second fastest time of the day, managed to go 0 for 3 in the range, followed by another 0-fer by his DH.  “Well, it’s back to the Venezuelan Winter League…”

Rounding third and heading for home... Holy Cow I think he's gonna make it!

The race featured a number of rookies getting their cup of coffee in the show.  Evan Klein hit well enough to jump into the Bronze medal position.   Alaina(sp?) and Shannon Parker both got their first taste of the big leagues and put in solid performances.


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