Low Snow Totals Hampers Ski Season… Peakbagging Team Grabs Winter by the Throat!

The Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team atop Saddleback Mt. on January 7

The Peru Nordic Masters Peakbagging Team has been especially active this winter.  Low snow totals and mild temps have actually led to exceptional climbing conditions in the Adirondack High Peaks.  Thus, instead of moping about the lousy skiing, the Peru Nordiques have decided to take advantage of the conditions and peakbag the crap out of Winter.

This Colvin ladder ascent courtesy of High Peaks Cyclery... Your Nordic Specialists

Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick is finally just a couple of peaks shy of completing his Adirondack 46 list (…in approved format!).  A recent January climb up Mt. Colvin and Blake’s Peak with the Harvester of Sorrow gives him 44 High Peaks.  The Lord of Destruction finally has the fever.

"This would be even more awesome if Mike Richter were here..."

Jakob “Jackal of Judas” Gittler took a break from watching the New York Rangers to continue to pursue his “W.”  On an early January climb of the Seward Range, Gittrichter swore he heard “… ghostly chants of ‘1940!’ as we climbed” (Ed. Note:  Rangers Suck! Go Devils!!!!!)

Patty shows great mixed climbing technique on the Saddleback Cliffs.

Patty “Peakbagger of Pugnacity” Hurlburt has dusted off her crampons and re-upped her pursuit of the Winter 46.  She abandoned the attempt a few years ago to have children, but in typical Soviet-Sports-Science fashion has returned post-partum to be stronger than ever.

Jason peers over the icy Saddleback Cliffs, looking for CHUMPS

Finally, Jason “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl has jumped back on to his pursuit of the Winter 46.  Fiegl recently joined Patty H, Liam and Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak for a January assault of the Upper Range.  Fiegl “the unfrozen caveman hiker” is probably not technologically up-to-date enough to read this post, but if he does, he would be pleased to know that recent research has shown that “Fiegl” is the French-German word for “St. Bernard Barrell Necklace.”

Harvesting Summits... Hike and Destroy!

Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate enough for Winbriefs to report on ski races, but until then the Nordiques will continue to take to the Mountains to HIKE AND DESTROY!!!


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