Peru Nordic Pulls off VHCS Season Opener… Rose Captures First “Real” Victory of the Season

There’s just enough snow to hold a race!

The VHCS season finally kicked off with a real race as members of the Peru Nordic Masters skied an awkward 4 km skate race around the flats of Mount Van Hoevenberg.   Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose won the day and counted it as his first “Real” victory.  “I refuse to accept the Tour de Ski Chalice without any on snow racing… this is my first true victory since I won the Zoloft Depression Bowl on Rollerskis last week.”  Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak finished seconds behind, with Keith “Krakken of Katastrophy” Kogut winning the bronze medal.  Janet “Banshee of Bedlam” Findlay dominated the womens’ race.  And Dave “Tile-Cutter of Terror” Hunter had a strong showing. With any luck at all, the series will continue next Wednesday night…. Ski and Destroy!


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