Through the Never… Peru Nordic Tour de Ski “race” Goes on in spite of Snow Drought!

What's that strange white stuff????

The annual Peru Nordic Tour de Ski managed to take place in spite of the lack of snow across the Northeast.  Race officials, desperate for VHCS points to be scored, changed the race format and tried to inspire members of the Peru Nordic Masters to get out and show Mother Nature that her bitchiness would not defeat them!

Tour de Ski Stage one…. Through the Never!  12/28/11

Amanda Zullo…Mt. Baker–seriously windy!

Tom Moffett… Bare Mt.- only 5 months until the Patch Sprint

Los Caballos Lentos!

Tour de Ski Stage two… The God that Failed 12/29/11

Chris Rose…Ran sugarloaf Mt. (like Caballo Negro) from the 1812 with Tommy Gunn. With the exception of an icey patch here or there, trail conditions were excellent. Even the traditional muddy spot on the Fresco Trail was filled in and graded. Nevertheless, regardless of the conditions, I ran light, easy and smooth like the Tarahumara of the Copper Canyons on Mexico…

Tom Moffett… ditto

Keith Kogut… Town of Tupper Lake Trails, conditions fair. Thin on golf course, better in woods.

Stan Hatch…Thurs night I skied New Land Trust in Saranac. Enough snow for classic on most trails, not groomed of course, about 4″ powder on top of mixed ice and crust. I skied for an hour with one spectacular fall- I went over a stone wall.

Tour de Ski Stage Three…. Struggle Within 12/30/11

Kobak… Seward, Donaldson and Emmons.  The Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team headed out to the Seward Range while snow totals were low enough to drive all the way in to the summer parking lot.  Good hiking conditions in spite of the boot-swallowing Calkins Creek.  Microspikes used on the upper reaches of Mt. Seward.

Ed Lis… Peru Nordic invades Bolton Valley, VT Recreational Center. Joseph Korzenecki, Lisa and Edward Lis traveled over to Bolton Valley VT. Worth the trip. Plenty of snow, burning lungs and legs. It’s not MVH, however, with that said, it was nice getting on snow. It felt like winter today.

Jerry Curcio… News from the western boundries of the Evil Empire! Just got back from a 10K classic at Osceola ski touring followed by a 10 K skate through the middle of Winona forest at the intersection of N. church & Bargy roads. ( the tracks at osceola were good, but I still didn’t use my good ski’s yet) I drove north up to Winona to skate to avoid the crowds at osceola. I knew the snowmobiles would have the seasonal roads packed down for skating, which they did. Only 4 snowmobiles passed by me in the time I was out there. I had the place almost to myself.

Rose… Graig Wood Golf Course gerbil wheel (approx. 600m): skate technique

Kogut…Town of Tupper Lake Trails, conditions still fair. 15 skiers today so it’s a little thinner than it was yesterday.

Mike Tuthill… I went skiing at Tupper. We went through the golf course and then on some trails near big tupper. I was with Keith Kogut and Amanda Zulo. The conditions were decent, not to bad but not the best. We had a lot of fun and defiantly worth doing again.

Zullo… 45 minutes of flexible warrior yoga….75 minutes of riding the indoor trainer to loops of the 2011 tour de france then off to ski!

Evan Klein… I went with Kogut to a place off the tupper lake golf course, conditions were okay, I didnt have good kick so I had to double pole a lot, and I had my good race skis and I was concerned about rocks, but it doesnt look like they got too much damage

Shannon Parker…Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of dragon’s fire And of things that will bite

Tour de Ski Stage Four… Unforgiven  12/31/11

Kogut… Running in the rain in TL. Worst Winter Ever.

Rose… Ran on treamill while it rained outside with 27 degree temps. Did manage to get into a AMC Channel Walking Dead marathon and watched every episode from the beginning. I know we’re all bummed about the weather, but at least it’s not the zombie apocalypse.

Tour de Ski Stage Five… My Friend of Misery 1/1/12

Kobak… Climbed Mt Colvin and Blake Peak with the Lord of Destruction.  Just over 6 hours, great hiking conditions, microspikes all day, warm temps.

Rose… Icey trail/road run around my old stomping ground in P-burg and on the Blue Trail.

hoping for a little more of this in 2012

When it was all over, the Viking Helmet Super Computer churned out points based on skiers’ effort to get out and train in spite of the dreary conditions.  Other factors were involved, like amount of despair and amount of soaking rain endured.  When the Tour finally came to an end the final results were as follows:

Name   Pts.  notes

GOLD: Rose… 70.8999 points,  perhaps the most miserable!

SILVER: Kogut… 68.5324 points, his skicitement lags just behind Rose!

BRONZE: Moffet… 54.8821 points, Patch Sprint already on the Brain!

WOODEN: Zullo… 53.1324 points,  Flexible Warrior Yoga!!!!

Thanks to all who participated, and hopefully the Ski Race season will kick off for real soon!



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