Peru Nordic faced with Winter Lockout!

Nordic Skiers and Old Man Winter have been involved in a messy dispute that threatens the entire NYSSRA Season. Negotiations on a new VHCS CBA began in early 2011. Winter claimed that it was being usurped by an increase in rollerski racing, and that some skiers were actually becoming too fond of rollerskiing and rollerski racing.  Winter also claimed it was losing too many weekends a year to ski races and proposed to increase the amount of alternative sports, like cyclocross racing, backcountry skiing, ice skating and winter mountaineering.  Winter was also worried that it was losing respect, as some members of Peru Nordic were travelling without snow tires on their vehicles.  Old Man Winter also wanted to institute increased transparency for the VHCS Supercomputer, feeling that skiers were being duped into believing “witchcraft” and the hand of an imaginary friend somehow was controlling their ski racing destiny.  Peru Nordic disputed the need to mix up activities and steadfastly opposed changes to the VHCS Supercomputer, citing their traditional effort to race “10 days a week.”  Peru Nordic also considered the option of decertification, which allows individual skiers to file an antitrust lawsuit against Winter.

With time winding down, negotiations continued in September and October. On the VHCS point, Winter, in their newest proposal, called for a system that had moderate transparency, allowing the VHCS Supercomputer to keep some of its mystical algorithms, but uses intuitive data to determine Viking Helmet points.  There has been agreement on this point, and now the VHCS Supercomputer algorithm is transparent.

As a last-ditch effort to avert a lockout, Winter and skiers met again on Thanksgiving to negotiate, even with quality snow in November, both sides failed to reach a resolution on key issues.  The two sides remained far apart. Winter demanded a larger share, claiming that they were losing grip on winter activities. The skiers, on the other hand, were willing to make concessions, but they refused to completely cave in to Winter’s demands.  Negotiations broke off, and the VHCS CBA expired at midnight on December 1.

Winter has locked us out!

In an effort to end the lockout, some Peru Nordiques have purchased backcountry ski equipment and even put snow tires on their vehicles.  It appears that Nordic Skiers will be faced with a shortened schedule, but hope is there that hard work and negotiations over the holidays may finally bring an end to the lockout.


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