The Peru Nordic Masters are grateful for a Thanksgiving treat… SNOW!!!

Even at 4000', it is important to stay updated with breaking credit union news...

Northern NY awoke to a quality snowfall on the day before Thanksgiving.  Almost 9″ fell in Peru, and over a foot landed in the High Peaks.  The Peru Nordiques put their rollerskis away for the time being and took advantage of the white gold.

Kick... AND Glide!!!

Wednesday was spent skiing in the orchards, the Whiteface Highway was attacked on Thanksgiving day, and on black white friday, the Evil Empire took command of the rolled trails at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

From Skicitement to Skixhaustion... Ski ski ski!

Alas, warm temperatures have returned and the quality skiing is beginning to fade… however it won’t be long until true Winter has Peru Nordic in it’s icy grip…

INERTIA TV has put together a Thanksgiving Holiday Special so you can relive the skicitement!


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