Sufferfest Sunday… Handicapping the field

Getting Ready for the Fall CLassic... SUFFERFEST!

The annual Peru Nordic Masters SUFFERFEST is set to roll out on Sunday at 11 am.   Skiers will tackle the Prospect Mt. Highway in Lake George, and then are responsible for getting themselves down the mountain.  Race conditions are forecast to be in the mid-40s and dry, optimal conditions for rollerski racing.

This year’s race is extremely hard to handicap, with a few exceptions, there has not been a lot of rollerski activity among the elite members of the field.  The best bet seems to be Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose who has swept the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Race Series with victories in the Castle Climb, Angel of Death and Carnival of Sins.  Rose will downplay his prowess as a climber, but each of his victories this season has shown that he has some of the best climbing chops of his career.

Last year’s champ, Austin Huneck should again be a favorite.  He’s been running Cross Country, so he’s in good shape.

Peru Nordic’s Doug Diehl is a mystery.  He missed the Castle Climb, Angel of Death and Carnival of Sins. Will he even show up for this race in his back yard?

Likewise, Jon Santor has been a no-show for the slew of Peru Nordic training events.  The New York State Cross Country Skiing Champion may just be waiting to get it done on the snow.

Ed Lis has had a strong rollerski season, and has gone through the proper channels to make sure he is adequately wheel-doped for the race.  Look for a strong showing from the Distributor of Pain.

Joe Korzinecki is looking lean and mean.  He has had great races in the Castle Climb, Carnival of Sins and Greylock Uphill.  Plus, it’s rumored he has found a way to get even more wheels onto his rollerskis.  Will definitely be in the top three.

Jim Kobak continues to disappoint Peru Nordic fans.  He continues to find ways to finish just off of the podium and this race should be no different.

HURT Nordic’s Tim Huneck is always a threat and is a good sleeper pick.  Huneck was strong in Summer events and always shows up for this race.

In a surprising turn of events, three contenders, David Kvam, Brian Halligan and Sean Halligan will not be racing on Sunday.  The Halligans will be Biathlon training and Kvam will be busy getting ready to watch the Bills lose.

Watch for a battle between Tim Cowan, Bob Maswick and Peter Minde.  This trio will work together on the lower flanks and pick off weaker souls to finish somewhere in the top 10.

It’s hard to put a finger on how the enigmatic Tom Moffett and Andy Farry will do.  Both of these skiers have had some impressive results this fall, followed by head-scratching efforts.  Moffett has been strong during Thrash Metal Thursdays but faded in the Angel of Death.  Farry was strong on the flat stages of the Carnival of Sins, but blew up on Big Hill Rd.  If these guys show up with their climbing legs on Sunday, watch out!

Keith Kogut will be making his Sufferfest debut.  If he paces it well, and figures out how to dope his wheels, he’ll turn a few heads for sure.

Of course there will be other unconfirmed competitors in the field.  Will Jacked Up Old Man make it?  Will the Underwoods or Wynns show?  Will Dave Burt put forth another devastating effort?  Tune in Sunday to find out!



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