Rose continues Rollerski Dominance with big Carnival win!

Rose celebrates with the Carnival of Sins Cup!

Chris Rose is three for three in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Nordic Armageddon Rollerski Series.  Rose won the Wrath, Lust and Envy stages and barely edged Joe Korzinecki for the Carnival title.

Big Hill Road Summit

The race started with a surprising win by Andy Farry on the  Greed stage.  In spite of the Skadi gift bag he could have received, Farry was steadfast in skiing to represent HURT Nordic.

Joe K experiences the WRATH of Big Hill

On the Wrath stage, Kobak led out up Big Hill Road.  Rose sat back and attacked with Mike White.  Eventually White faded which allowed Kobak to come in second.

Rose leads out the field

The Lust stage saw Rose attack early and barely hang on ahead of Korzinecki and a rapidly approaching Kobak.

In spite of Farry's efforts, HURT Nordic got spanked in the team competition.

The flat Pride stage broke early, and Kobak established the lead position and dominated to the line.

Skiers enjoying Peru... Rollerski Mecca!

The uphill Envy stage was a replay of the Wrath stage.  Kobak broke early with a few fake accelerations before White made a move.  Rose countered and put in a gap.  Kobak was able to reel in White for second.

More Climbing!!

On the penultimate Sloth stage Maswick attacked hard early.  Maz had a huge lead on the field, but Joe Korzinecki hunkered down to challenge Maz at the finish.  The photo awarded the victory to Korz by an nanometer.

Skadi gift bags for all!! (except Farry)

On the final stage, the Red Barn fooled Farry and Kobak, and Joe Korzinecki jumped over them to win the stage.  Rose followed, forcing Farry and Kobak to grapple for third.  The Photo Finish revealed a tie for third.

The Carnies...FREAKS!

Final Stage Results!

Greed:  Farry, Rose, Korzinecki

Wrath:  Rose, Kobak, White

Lust:  Rose, Korzinecki, Kobak

Pride: Kobak, Korzinecki, Rose

Envy: Rose, Kobak, White

Sloth: Korzinecki, Maswick, Lis

Gluttony: Korzinecki, Rose, Farry/Kobak (FF)

Overall Points:

1. Rose  62

2. Korzinecki 60

3. Kobak   56

4. Farry 45

5. Lis 43

6. White 42

7. Maswick 40

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