NY’s Ground and Pound Attack stalls in New England

Kobak fights 'em till he can't

The Power Trio of Peru Nationals, Tom Moffett, Chris Rose and Jim Kobak, set out across uncharted seas (Lake Champlain) to pillage the unsuspecting rollerskiers of Vermont.  The Ethan Allen Biathlon Range in Jericho, VT hosted the 9 km event, which featured some Vermont hot-shots and the Junior National Biathlon team of Quebec.

Rose fights 'em till he can't

However, Mother Nature had other plans.  A rain soaked morning left the 3 km course with slickened asphalt and wet leaves.  This did not play into the hands of noted “power skiers” Kobak and Rose, who had to awkwardly alter their technique on the short, quick, steep and slippery climbs.

Moffett fights 'em til' he can't

Moffett was able to bomb the downhills enough to pace the Peru crew through the 9 km course with a 5th overall place (26:03).  Rose came in at 6th overall (26:19), with Kobak 7th overall (26:22).

Carnival of Sins... two weeks!!!!

Rollerski Armageddon Bonus Points were awarded to all 3 skiers, and the carnage continues in two weeks with the Carnival of Sins Rollerski Carnival in Peru.


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