So Let it be written… So Let it be done, Peru Nordic survives Angel of Death!

"A great day for a race!" muhahahahaha...

Plagues of frogs, hail changing to fire, rivers running red with blood, road work, turkey crossing, rain, cold… The Angel of Death went off without a hitch.  Death’s personal assistant, Hypothermia, came to assist with the annual Angel of Death rollerski race in Peru, making sure it was to be epic.


The rain and cold , 42 F at start, kept the field light, but the intrepid crew managed to suffer their way up the slopes of Mark Sanchez Mountain.  The course was shortened somewhat, ending  just after the steepest pitch on the Hill of Death and before the Peru Highway Dept.’s Culvert replacement.

Praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare

Peru Nordic’s Chris Hand of Doom Rose was able to attack on the lower slopes of River Rd, and hold off an approaching Jim Harvester of Sorrow Kobak on the flanks of the Hill of Death.  Saratoga Biathlon’s Tom Machine Gun Moffett was able to outlast the rest of the field for the bronze.

Monarch of the Kingdom of the Dead

With the win, Rose now has won the first two events in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Race Series.  Rose has a comfortable lead on Jim Kobak.  The next event will be the Carnival of Sins on All Hallows Eve Eve Eve.

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