Angel of Death… US Ski Team Challenge…. Fight ’em til you can’t!

WARNING: The upper reaches may be even more punishing this season thanks to Hurricane Irene!

The Angel of Death is ready to fly free on Saturday.  This intense rollerski fun challenge is going to be made more fun and interesting due to the culvert work currently going on on the upper reaches of the Hill of Death.  Be aware of loose stone and occasional pavement-free stretches.  Records will not fall!

The US Ski Team has issued a training challenge... and PERU NORDIC is all over it. SKI AND DESTROY... MEMFOS!

Peru Nordic is geared up for the US Ski Team Challenge, October 3-9.  Join Peru Nordic for one/all of the events.  Inertia TV will be filming and we will be officially entering the video for great SWAG.  The schedule is as follows…

Monday 10/3… Bounding and Rollerski Double Pole.  Davern Rd….Peru NY

Tuesday 10/4… Skate intervals and Strength…  Big Hill Rd, Peru

Wednesday 10/5… Distance Rollerski…  Big Sig Loop, Peru

Thursday 10/6… Skate Speed Session… Point Au Roche, Beekmantown

Friday, 10/7… Classic Sprints and Strength… River Rd, Peru

Saturday, 10/8… Over distance Run… Sugarloaf Mt, Willsboro NY

Sunday, 10/9… Rest and JETS v. PATS…  Couch, Peru, NY

Fight 'em 'til you can't!

Anthrax’s Scott Ian has approved Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t as the official song of the 2011-12 Ski Season… SKI AND DESTROY!


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