Summer Ends… New Sponsors… Peru Nordic readies to ramp up Fall Training

Summer may be just about over, but Peru Nordic will keep it hot during the Fall training season…

The Peru Nordic Masters will be launching the return of their weekly Rollerski clinic/ Time Trial series at Point Au Roche State Park with Metal Thrashing Mad Thursday Training!  The fun starts this Thursday, Sept 8 at 5 pm.

Peru Nordic is proud to announce that Woodskis and Skadi Nordic have agreed to advertise on the new ski suits.  They join Mississippi Kayaks, Purdy Realty, Team Cookie and Mountain Riders as part of the Peru Nordic sponsorship team! THANKS!!!  Looking to advertise with Peru Nordic?… Click Here!

Sponsorship Team... Ad Spaces still available!

Upcoming Fall Events to add to your schedule:

The Peru Nordic Masters Masters… Postponed to September 11

Whiteface Climb to the Castle…  September 17

Angel of Death…  October 1

Range Rollerski Race, Jericho, VT…  October 16

Carnival of Sins… October 29

Sufferfest… November 6

On Snow… November 23!!!

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