Kvam Exorcises Demons… Leads HURT Nordic podium sweep at 2011 Iron Maiden!

HURT's Championship Trio... Kvam, Huneck, Halligan

HURT Nordic’s David Kvam had been cursed on the slopes of the Hill of Death before, but today he shook off the hex and won his first Iron Maiden Triathlon World Championship.  Kvam had the fastest run and bike legs, and cruised to victory on the rollerski in an impressive time of 1:42:46.  Kvam was followed up the grueling final climb by HURT Nordic teammates, Austin Huneck (1:43:35) and Brian Halligan (1:45:31).  The podium sweep helped HURT Nordic capture their second consecutive Fernando Pizzaro Conquest of Peru Iron Maiden Team Championship Trophy.

Deb Nordyke receives her Iron from Race Director, Tom Moffett.

In the womens’ race, experience and the smooth skiing of former Olympic Biathlete, Saratoga Biathlon’s Deb Nordyke allowed her to overcome a deficit on the bike leg and catch Peru Nordic’s Amanda Zullo on the Hill of Death for her 5th consecutive womens’ title .  Katie Moffett of Saratoga Biathlon managed to capture the bronze in spite of finishing way ahead of the other two ladies.

HURT Nordic celebrates their Team Championship!

The crowd was most excited about the new enhanced team scoring rules for the Pizzaro Trophy. Points were awarded for various premiums, including fastest in each leg, and racers finishing under certain time limits.  Dave Kvam won the run leg, and was joined by Brian Halligan and Jon Santor as the only racers to complete the 2.2 mile run under 12 minutes.  Kvam also won the bike, and was the only competitor to do the 20 mile loop, one that included a murderous climb up the Hill of Death, under one hour.  The Podium Trio of Kvam, Huneck and Halligan also took the cycling preem atop the Hill of Death.  Austin Huneck had the fastest rollerski time, and along with Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak and HURT’s Brian Halligan, were the only racers to ski up the Hill of Death under 30 minutes. Eight finishers managed to complete the whole course in under 2 hours, receiving bonus points for their time.  Kvam, A.  Huneck and B. Halligan turned the trick for HURT Nordic, Chris Rose, Joe Korzinecki, Jim Kobak and the relay team of Santor/Schmitt managed the feat for Peru Nordic, while only Sean Halligan was able to keep it under 2 hours for Saratoga Biathlon.  When the dust settled, HURT Nordic walked away with the Team Title, amassing a massive 125 points, basically doubling up Peru Nordic (68 points) and almost tripling the Saratoga Biathlon total (44 points).

Moffett and Kobak... dejected... how can their teams ever catch up with HURT?

The crushing defeat has left Peru Nordic stunned and reeling.  “I really thought this was our year,” said Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick.  “We brought a strong and experienced team that had done a tremendous amount of pre-covery during the Summer.”  Kevin “Alchemist of Animosity” Litchfield , in his first Maiden, was equally stunned “…I was sure that Kobak’s fu manchu moustache would put us over the top.” It didn’t help Peru Nordic that pre-race favorite, Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn, did not start the race.  And that defending champ, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose, made a tactical error early on in the race, “I went too easy in the run, hoping to work with Korz on the bike, unfortunately I wasted too much energy closing the gap on the bike and couldn’t keep it up on the ski.”  The blow has left Peru Nordic’s new recruiting director, Keith “Krakken of Katastrophy”  Kogut, with some big work to do.  “I already have lined up some key free-agents for the team, and I think with a year of seasoning, we can come back stronger and faster next year!”

Racer on course

As would be expected, the event featured a couple of lost cyclists, over-pre-covered contestants, at least one broken rollerski pole, and many muscle cramps on the final climb of the Hill of Death.

another Iron Maiden in the books!

Now that the IRON MAIDEN has come and gone, Peru Nordiques can look forward to the next Summer Classic, the Peru Nordic Masters Masters Rollerski/Golf outing, and to the fall’s upcoming Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Series (Angel of Death/Whiteface/Carnival of Sins/Sufferfest).

Iron Maiden Results:

1. David Kvam, HURT Nordic, 1:42:46

2. Austin Huneck, HURT Nordic, 1:43:35

3. Brian Halligan, HURT Nordic, 1:45:31

3* Katie Moffett, Saratoga Biathlon, 1:45:16

4. Chris Rose, Peru Nordic, 1:48:19

5.  Joe Korzinecki, Peru Nordic, 1:50:39

6.  Jim Kobak, Peru Nordic, 1:50:41

7.  Sean Halligan, Saratoga Biathlon, 1:53:27

8.  Jon Santor/Ryan Schmitt, Peru Nordic, 1:56:12

9.  Tim Huneck, HURT Nordic, 2:01:13

10.  Bob Maswick, Peru Nordic, 2:02:27

11.  Keith Kogut, Peru Nordic, 2:03:59

12.  Tom Moffett, Saratoga Biathlon, 2:06:08

13.  Deborah Nordyke, Saratoga Biathlon, 2:17:10

14.  Amanda Zullo, Peru Nordic, 2:18:12

15.  Kevin Litchfield, Peru Nordic, ????


One thought on “Kvam Exorcises Demons… Leads HURT Nordic podium sweep at 2011 Iron Maiden!”

  1. Ouch! We destructed. Bummer, bummer, and even if I hadn’t been in the dungeon on Lakeshore Garrows I couldn’t have helped out cause I got a bad bike and bad legs.

    THE Enigma of Uncertainty.

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