Iron Maiden Triathlon Eve Eve: Participants’ Guide

When July begins to fade, anticipation for the annual Iron Maiden Triathlon builds to a crescendo!

The weather for Maiden day is scheduled to be spectacular with clear skies and cool temps at race time.  Regardless of the flawless Peruvian weather, racers need to prepare for the other challenges that await…

1. The challenging course… participants should familiarize themselves with the course, perhaps even print out a map (available here).  Although there will be some course marking, there is no guarantee that it will be clear or even easy to follow, or that I will even get around to marking it.  There are at three stop signs on the bike course where racers MUST stop!!  There is also a tricky turn from Route 22b to Union Road where cars will not yield, so keep your eyes open and be smart!

2.  No traffic control… there is no traffic control for this fun training event.  It is expected that all participants will obey the rules of the road.  Peru is very friendly to rollerskiers, mostly because the local skiers obey the rules of the road.  Always stay right and yield to passing cars by double poling as close to the side of the road as possible.

3.  Self timing… this is a self-timed event.  Participants are asked to bring a watch that is capable of recording split times.  Racers will need to record the following splits: 1. Run time, 2. transition one, 3.  Bike time, 4. transition 2, 5.  Rollerski time.  There will be a handy-dandy recording sheet and pencils available at the finish.

4.  Moffett’s driveway!..CAUTION!  The exit from this driveway is blind to cars coming from the left.  Be very cautious when exiting the transition zone on to Mannix Road.  Keep your head up  and look both ways before venturing on to the road.

5. Equipment… wheel doping is not illegal, but Moffett may institute a time penalty for those who dope (I think it’s dependent upon whether or not he’s got those Razor Scooter wheels to fit in his Marwes).  Check with Tom about aerobars and other TT bike equipment, those have been outlawed in the past. Please wear a helmet when on the bike and on your rollerskis.  Also, there is no support or medical or aid stations or anything on course, you have to be able to take care of yourself (although I will be leaving a vehicle at the finish to shuttle folks back to the Moffet Thunderdome.)

6.  Hill of Death!.. Is the most brutal climb on rollerskis you will ever do… rookies, especially, don’t underestimate the Hill of Death!

7.  Enjoy… This is a fun training event and remember that you are choosing to participate because you are a friend of Peru Nordic and are looking for a fun morning challenging yourself with your friends.

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