Iron Maiden Triathlon… just one week away!


All over the Northeast, teams are gearing up for the infamous IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON held on the last Saturday in July.  Members of the Peru Nordic Masters and the Saratoga Biathlon Club have been crushing it in and around Peru.   Rollerskiing, Biking, Hiking, Running, Mountain Biking and copious Pre-Covery sessions have been molding these elite athletes into rock-hard racing machines!

The Iron Maiden Triathlon is a 2 mile run, 20 mile bike and 5 mile Rollerski throughout the Nordic Skiing Mecca of Peru NY. This is a fun race with no entry fees or any great awards, competitors choose to do this race solely to challenge themselves and to have a great time on a Summer morning.

You may enter as a two or three man relay team… or have some cajones and do it solo!
Or… do the Bike-Only Uniathlon (forget running and rollerskiing, do the complete course on your bike!)
Or do The Run-Bike-Run Duathlon (skip the rollerskis and run up the HILL OF DEATH!)

This season’s Iron Maiden Triathlon features enhanced Team Scoring for the Coveted Fernando Pizzaro Team Trophy.  Teams will collect the following point premiums, the team with the most points wins!

Overall Podium… Winner = 25 points, silver = 15 points, bronze = 10 points

Additional racers in the top 5…. 5 points each

All additional racers who complete the whole course… 2 points each

Any finisher under 2 hours*… 5 bonus points each

Any finisher over 40 years old… 2 bonus points each

Any finisher over 50 years old… 5 bonus points each

Fastest Woman… 20 points

Other women in the top 10 overall… 10 points each

Fastest run leg*… 10 points

Cycling Preems*:  Hill of Death Summit…1st over = 10 points, 2nd = 5 pts, 3rd = 2 points

Fastest Rollerski legs*… 1st = 10 points,  2nd = 5 pts, 3rd = 2 points

* denotes relay teams are eligible…

Start: 9 AM, Moffett Thunderdome: 231 Mannix Rd, Peru, NY 12972

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