Iron Maiden, Friday Night Fight Club and Dirt Church

Get ready to rumble!!!

As fans of the Peru Nordic Masters have come to realize, there is no off-season for the Peru Nordiques.  Now that Patch Sprint Season has ended, the Nords keep their knives sharp staying ready for the IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON.

Tom "Machine Gun" Moffet

To keep the intensity high, the Peru Nordic Masters and Saratoga Biathlon Club have agreed to start a Friday Night Fight Club in Peru.  Members of both clubs will meet and go at it each Friday through Iron Maiden Season in a virtual bloodbath of training.  The bare knuckled bouts will feature running, biking and rollerskiing in and around the Iron Maiden Course.  This Friday will feature a run/roll duathlon on the Mannix Road.

Chris "Rosary" Rose... the Pope of Dirt Church

To atone for ones sins at Friday’s Fight Club, one should attend the Cadyville Dirt Church.  Each Sunday at 10 am, local Mountain Bike enthusiasts meet at Cadyville Park to rip it up on the technical trails.  Like church, crackers will be served, but be sure to bring your own cheeze whiz.

Remember… there’s still time to register for the Iron Maiden Triathlon!!!  July 31, 2011


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