Patch Sprint 2011… Wet and Wild


Muggy conditions and an unbelievably wet, muddy and squishy course slowed competitors in the annual Patch Sprint.  Runners had to deal with ankle deep water and mud over much of the course, which was worsened as racers and trekkers worked their way through the course.

Herbivore of Hate approaches the Poko Summit/ Finish Line!!!

The race was won by defending champion, Cole Starkey with a time of 2 hours 15 minutes.  Cole was well ahead of Peru Nordic’s Jason “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl who capped his strong BEAST season with an impressive showing.  Peru’s Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak captured the wooden medal, finishing in fourth overall, but once again winning the now defunct Masters division.  Kobak’s time of 2:48 was the slowest of his racing career and was a testament to how slow the conditions were on the soggy course.

History Boy, fresh off the History trail

Jerry “Boss of Brutality” Ross finished in just over 3 hours.  Marcie “Herbivore of Hate” Kobak finished third overall amongst women, but once again could not crack the 3 hour barrier.  Katie Moffett had a strong race and managed to completely cover herself in mud.  BEAST participants Skip “Boy of History” Singer, Jake “Rangers of NY” Gittler and Gonzalez “View of Snakes” Family also had strong races.


Saratoga Biathlon had a good showing, with Deb Nordyke winning her 4th Women’s overall championship trophy.  Tom Moffett, very strong in the BEAST series, couldn’t overcome the muck and mud and finished just over 3 hours.  Jon Schreiner and guide, Rene Harde were able to complete the course in an impressive 3:10.

Moffet enjoys the great swag at the Pre-Race Expo... IMT only 2 months away!

Now that the Patch Sprint is over… IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON season officially begins!!!

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