BEAST BONUS: PS 2011 Course Preview

The Wisdom of KONG!… “Fiegalley isn’t as long as you think it is, but it’s longer than you want it to be…”

The BEAST has now made its way through the entire Patch Sprint Course, and the word is “wet!”  As a service to the Patch Sprint competitors and fans out there, the BEAST offers this 2011 Course preview:

Bare…  Bare is in good shape going up, although the trail is quite muddy down low.  Coming down, however, expect the logging roads to be nice and squishy.

New Path through the homestead…  Again, a little squishy in parts.  Patch Sprint veterans will notice how significantly longer this route to Rattlesnake is.  And, you will really feel how steadily uphill the History Trail is on your trip back through.

Rattlesnake…  The heavy rains have actually carved a channel through most of the lower sections of the trail.  By concentrating the flow of water down the middle of the trail, it has actually made things somewhat less wet than usual.  However, you can expect the muddy spots to be muddy.

Road to Reber… Long

Sugarloaf…  Appears to be Hawk-free this Spring.  The muddy wet spot in the lower sections is really muddy and wet, but most of the trail is bone-dry and in great shape.

Back side of the Loaf… Can’t miss the trail.  Just keep your head up and look for the pink flagging tape.

Road to Fiegalley… Most sections are really wet, even under water.  The squatters have left town, so no run-ins with random kids and/or dogs in the middle of the woods should be expected.

Fiegalley…  see the “Wisdom of KONG” above

Northway Tunnel…  Water only mid-calf deep, spiders prevalent.

Beaver Swamp… Flooded with alot of recent beaver activity.  The new path around the south perimeter of the swamp is dry.

Poko…. STEEP!!!

That is all

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