BEAST 7: The Right to Bare Arms

The Wisdom of KONG: “It’s not the size of the Bear in the fight, rather it’s the size of the fight in the KONG!”

Bare Mt Duel... DRAW!!!
Bare Mt Duel... DRAW!!!

The BEAST faithful gathered cocked and loaded for a Double Bare-elled Assault on Bare Mt.  Racers completed two rapid fire trips to the Bare Mt Summit, combining their times as they peppered the trail with a spray of hot lead.

High Caliber Rapid Fire Action!

Jay Fiegl shot up the field on each of his trips up Bare.  Fiegl machine-gunned up the trail, keeping both of his assaults under 10 minutes.  With guns ablazin’, and with Fiegl directly in the cross hairs on each lap,’ was Tom Moffet.  Jim Kobak was just behind, finger on the trigger, as he popped a cap on the field.  Katie Moffet went semi-automatic with an armor piercing attack.

OMG KT ❤ KONG lol 😉

The BEAST judges were impressed with Katie Moffet’s ability to text while training.  Likewise, Jerry Ross’ ability to BEAST train while on location in Belize also scored high marks.  However, Tom Moffet, bringing the heat, fired up the judges  the most and earned him KONG for next week’s finale and ascent of Poke-o-Moonshine Mt.

KONG has officially announced another “BEAST BONUS” on Thursday, the Beasties will be doing a Sugarloaf- Fiegalley-beaver swamp runthrough.  Meet at the base of Poko at 4 pm, and bring your swim fins!

Castor canadensis... You're next!

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