BEAST 6: Ripping out the Heart of the BEAST

The Wisdom of KONG:  “…those who give the most heart while on the mountain will receive the most while in the heart of the mountain…”

Fiegl in typical Reber athletic training attire

BEAST 6 pulsed with excitement as racers took advantage of glorious, dry bluebird conditions to attack the steep stress test that is Poke-o-moonshine Mountain.  The main artery of the trail was mostly dry as competitors palpitated their way up to the summit.  Jason Fiegl, wearing his new running shoes, and utilizing his new HR monitor, set the standard for the day, finishing just under 21 minutes.  “…hey, heart rate training is much easier when I’m not trying to take my pulse while running without a watch.”

Moffet and Kobak ventriculate on the summit with KONG!

Jim Kobak, fibrillulated into second place, keeping his HR just in the low Lactate Threshold range.  Tom Moffett tachycardiated into third, followed by Jerry Ross who arrhythmiated into fourth.

KT Mo with KONG?

Katie Moffet ascended with hypertrophic force to capture Fourth place.  “She was so fast today, it was like she climbed it yesterday…” said her mitral brother,  Tom.

Bow to the wisdom of KONG!

The judges were most impressed by the cardiac fortitude of Jerry Ross, who battled immobilizing back pain on the way up, before showing true heart by worshiping selflessly at the feet of KONG!

Ross tops the Badassatude rating for the week!

Next week the BEAST will return to the Homestead for the “Double Bare-elled Bare Mt Bunk Bonk Fest”  Racers will combine the times of two consecutive Bare Mt ascents.

True wisdom from the Mighty KONG!

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