BEAST 5: As the Worm Turns

The wisdom of KONG:  The early KONG gets the Worm!

Fiegl makes his move early in the race

Jason Fiegl put on a clinic during the 5th installment of the BEAST series as he tore up Sugarloaf Mountain in the cold rain.  Fiegl led from the start, chased by Jim Kobak on the flanks of the Loaf.  Kobak started reeling in Fiegl up by “red rocks.”  Feeling the pressure from Kobak, Fiegl then put on a massive attack, and by “Houses of the Holy,” he was well clear of the field.  Fiegl finished just over a minute up on Kobak in 18:33.

mmm... invertebrate snack!

Katie Moffett was third to the summit, and overcome by a need to replenish nutrients after the effort, quickly grabbed an item from the Sugarloaf Summit aid station.  “It was a really high protein recovery snack, it tasted like a Gu mixed with dirt…”

Sugarloaf: the 8th Sister

Jerry Ross delivered KONG to the summit, finishing fourth, just ahead of Tom Moffett.  Moffett was still recovering from Sunday’s effort at the Mt. Holyoke Seven Sisters Trail Run in Western Mass.  Moffett noted that the 12 mile run/hike was “Similar to the Patch Sprint, but no where near as hard… you didn’t have to finish the race going straight up Poko!”

BEAST participants flex for the judges

The race was held in the steady rain of an Adirondack spring, and neither flooding nor the allure of staying warm and dry at home could deter the intrepid BEAST participants.  Thus, the judges dished out Badassatude points in droves.  High marks were achieved for well-timed attacks, brutal efforts on steep sections, racing on Sunday, and eating an annelid.

Katie Moffett takes KONG for the week.  Next week the BEAST leaves from the Snowplow turnaround just south of Pokomoonshine for the first Poko Time Trial.

The Wisdom of KONG:  “as wet as it is, it is never as wet as it was…”


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