BEAST 4: Ride the Lightning!

Gittler Embraces his inner BEAST!

The Wisdom Of KONG!:

“To achieve glory along road to Reber, one must be willing to put the Reber to the road!.. oh, and have I mentioned that you can’t outrun lightning!!!”

Do you think this will make a good lightning rod?

Runners were thunderstruck with the high-voltage performance put in by Chris Rose in his BEAST debut.  Rose started the Reber Road running Race easy, cruising in behind the pack until he attacked the field on the final climb up Schoolhouse hill.  Jason Fiegl was shocked to see Rose zap in behind him in the final yards, and the event finished with photo-finish tie at the line.  Also charged up was Jerry Ross, who paced Fiegl for most of the race but finished third.  “The air was electric!” said Rose.

Racers rip it towards Reber

Soon after the finish, the air actually became electric.  As racers made their way back to the Homestead a Spring Thunderstorm moved in and raged overhead.  As bolts of lightning hammered the greater Willsboro area, racers showed their bravado and badassatude by braving electrocution.  Jacob Gittler was spotted catching a lightning bolt in his teeth. “I love thunderstorms, they’re a real blast!”

Rose: Super-Charged on Course


1.  Rose/ Fiegl (tie) 21:50

3. Ross 22:10

4. Gittler 22:23

5.  Kobak 22:36

6.  Moffett 26:05

Badassatudinality Guages...Plugged in!

By virtue of his performance, the judges have awarded KONG! to Jerry Ross… next week, Sugarloaf and the hidden danger of Hawk Attacks!


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