BEAST 2: Rumble on Rattlesnake!

KONG’s Words of wisdom:

“The mud is deeper than it looks, and the ice on top of some of that mud is not as strong as it looks…”

KONG’s Rules of Badassatudinality:

Primate carrying a Dinosaur idol > dinosaur carrying a primate idol

Ankle brace > Runner’s Knee

Closed trail bushwhack > 1985 Great White T shirt and studded belt

Rattlesnake Mt Trail: Now mostly snow-free!

Runners raced up a wet, but much less snowy trail up Rattlesnake mountain.  Two BEAST stalwarts, Jerry Ross and Katie Moffett had to sit out today’s event with injuries (Dr’s orders).  This left four racers to up the badassatudinality on the sloppy path to the ‘Snake.  Jason Fiegl got out on the trail early, setting the second fastest time of the day, and earning bravado points by going shirtless and knocking over at least one tree and a cairn or two.  Although he started early, he managed to keep the BEAST tradition of carrying a monstrous idol during his race.  Substituting an Apatosaurus for KONG, Fiegl put in an impressive 17:08 to the summit. Jim Kobak made sure that KONG got his trip, and carried the idol in loco parentis for Fiegl.  Inspired by the great ape, Kobak set the fastest time, besting Fiegl by 50 seconds with a 16:18.  Trying to earn bravado points, Kobak also carried his fleece jacket, boasting that he was “worried that he would get cold waiting on top for all the other scrubs to finish.”  However, by worrying about being cold, his badassatude score plummeted in the eyes of the judges. Tom Moffett brought the biker vibe to the race, sporting one of his multitude of Great White T-shirts and wearing a hard-rockin’ leather studded belt.  Moffett had a good time, finishing in 18:29.  Rounding out the field was Tim “Skip” Singer who earned respect by the judges in both the bravado and badassatude categories by eschewing the normal route and tackling the ultra steep bushwhack up the closed old trail upta the Snake.

When the dust settled, Fiegl once again topped the Composite Badassatudinality Index Guage, finishing just ahead of Singer, and will once again be entrusted to carry KONG next week from Bare Mt back to Rattlesnake Mt.

BEAST 2: Composite Badassatudinality Index

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