BEAST 1: Bare Mt. Beatdown!


The BEAST Training Series opened with a soggy, snow-filled hammerfest up Bare Mt.  Intrepid Patch Sprinters braved the “Spring” conditions to get their feet wet (literally) on the Patch Sprint course.

Yeti Beasts
Yeti Beasts

Post-holing and punching through up to 2 feet of corn snow, Jason Fiegl had the best time up Bare Mt.  He was followed by Jim Kobak.  Jerry Ross, with incredible bravado, tackled the snowy trail in shorts.  Tom Moffet managed to slip into fourth, sliding up the Bare trail just behind Ross.  Fiegl earned the greatest brutality score, by breaking trail and setting a blistering pace up the sheer slopes of Bare.

and Chuck Norris wears "Jason Fiegl" pajamas!

All racers were beating their chests, trying to impress the judges with their bravado and badassitude.  Fiegl’s bright red longjons earned him some bravado points, as did Ross’ shorts.  Blood was drawn when Ross took a stick to the shin, earning badassitude praise from fellow competitors.  All contenders scored some badassitude merit points, participating while nursing nagging injuries, including, but not limited to achillies tendonitis, illiotibial band inflamattion, runner’s knee, hip displasia, and terminal cases of ongoing life disorder (O.L.D.).

Fiegl, Moffett, KONG, Ross

After deliberation and voting by the judges, the VHCS supercomputer tabulated each racers time, brutality rating, bravado score and badassitude to determine  the overall composite badassitudiality index score for each racer.  Jason Fiegl came out just barely on top, and will get to lug the idol of KONG up and over Rattlesnake Mt next week.

Fiegl tops the field on this weeks Composite Badassitudinality Index Guage

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