April Arrives and the BEAST is Unleashed!

time to stop skiing and start running up mountains!

It has become an annual tradition, and a rite of Spring.  As ski season fades and racers turn their attention towards the Patch Sprint, the Peru Nordic Masters host a training series to get ready for the big event. The Patch Sprint, created as a formal event in 1996, is a weekend long fund raising festival and reunion featuring dinners, parties, a race, and a popular trek. The event is open to members of the Pok-O-MacCready “Family” (current and alumni) and their invited guests, as well as friends and donors to the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation.

Patch Sprint: Four Headed Monster!

This season the BEAST is unleashed!

Brutality, Bravado and Badassitude!!!

Best Ever Awesomest Sprint Training begins on Tuesday, April 5, and will continue each Tuesday until the Patch Sprint.  Racers will meet at the 1812 Homestead at 5 pm and will tackle various parts of the Patch Sprint course each week.  The first BEAST event will take runners around the new section of the course through the homestead Nature Trails and then culminate with a Time Trial up Bare Mt.


Each week as racers compete, they will be evaluated by the VHCS Supercomputer in each of the following categories: Brutality, Bravado and Badassitude.  The composite score will be updated each week and the leader of the series will be required to carry the  Sprint Kong while competing in the next event.

The Ultimate Goal!

Tentative Schedule of BEAST events!  Peru Nordic Calendar

4/5 BEAST 1:  Bare Mt TT

4/12 BEAST 2: Rattlesnake TT

4/19 BEAST 3;  Bare-Rattle Race

4/26 BEAST 4:  Beaver Rd-Schoolhouse Hill Road Race

5/3 BEAST 5:  The Loaf

5/10 BEAST 6: Poko TT

5/17 BEAST 7:  SugarBare

5/24 BEAST 8:  BEAST Finale! Poko TT II



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