State Approves MVH Dome Project

April 1: Windbriefs has learned that ORDA will begin construction on the long-awaited Van Hoevendome complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg this summer.  The project will enclose the area around Gauntlet stadium, including Bobcat/Spruce/ Flatlander Extension and East Mt Cutoff.  The new facility will be climate-controlled, keeping temperatures at a constant 25 degrees.  The dome will have a retractable roof to allow natural snowfall, but the interior of the roof will also be ringed with state-of the art snowmaking equipment.  The Hoevendome will allow for night skiing as well, and season-pass holders will receive VIP parking privileges at the new facility.  Also rumored to be part of the project is a new lodge which will feature a nordic-themed sports-bar.  Combined with the new fleet of Pisten-Bulleys, the Van Hoe facility will allow skiers to train and race year-round.  ORDA spokesman, Bob Maswick, commented, “The success of the Viking Helmet Championship Series has sparked a new interest in the State legislature for having ski racing in LPNY and as usual, ORDA higher-ups have jumped to the forefront of promoting citizen level ski racing.  We now have State approval to go ahead with dome construction by expanding the current Yurt so that it extends from the stadium out to the second cutoff on East Mt.  Once we find the cover for that thing, it will be awesome!”


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