VHCS Finale, HELLmenkollen 2011 this Wednesday!

Welcome to HELLmenkollen!

The VHCS Finale, the Hellmenkollen 3 lap marathon, is set to go on Wednesday.  Conditions at the Ho are still quite good even though they are now officially closed.   The Hellmenkollen is a 3 lap freestyle pursuit.  Skiers are handicapped at the start based on their average % back throughout the course of the season with the fastest skier going last.  The first one across the line wins!

The Sanchize is primed to take his first ever Viking Helmet!
Jon Santor is currently in the lead for the Viking Helmet and a top 3 finish would guarantee the overall Viking Helmet championship.  However, Chris Rose, Jim Kobak, Keith Kogut, Janet Findlay, Amanda Zullo and Ed Lis are still in contention if they can pull of a victory and all of the cards fall in their favor.
VHCS Contenders… Handicap Start List
Zullo  0:00:00
Findlay + 0:00:35
Lis +0:03:08
Kogut +0:03:51
Kobak +0:05:11
Rose +0:06:07
Santor +0:06:19
The Hellmenkollen wraps up the VHCS season, but the BEAST series starts next week.  The BEAST is a trail/mountain running training series that gets some of us prepped for the world famous Patch Sprint at the end of May.  The BEAST will meet every Tuesday at 5 pm at the 1812 Homestead in Willsboro.  This Tuesday features a TT up Bare Mt.

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