Rose’s Bandolero of Beer wins Berserkerbeiner!

Mt. Brew... second only to the Stewarts Hot Dog!
Rose celebrates Berserkerbeiner victory!

Chris Rose’s creative use of duct tape enabled him to win the Berserkerbeiner.  After being led by a blistering pace set by Jim Kobak on the first lap, Rose collected himself, and his brews, shoved them under his bib and, using half a roll of duct tape, fabricated a beer bandolero on the spot.  Viking Helmet leader, Jon Santor, eschewed carrying anything and hammered right through the transition.  Kobak was hot on his heels, dropping his poles and scooping up six 16 oz Coors lights.  Ed Lis bravely brought a sixer of Mountain Brew, which he shoved under his vest.

Lis... one gulp from glory

Rose took his time in the transition and got his beverages securely fastened to his chest. Then he calmly took off after the field.  After the first km, he caught Kobak who was now struggling to keep all of his beers cradled in his arms.  After being passed by Rose, Kobak had to drop four of his passengers in order to keep going.  Rose never managed to catch Santor, but by successfully carrying his beverages, and enjoying one at the finish, he managed to crush Santor’s net time.  Kobak made it across the line and by quickly precovering he managed to net one second faster than the Sanchise.  After having to stop a couple of times to pick up dropped cans, Lis cruised into fourth place, but he could not stomach the thought of chugging one of his Mountain Brews.  If he had, he would have catapulted into second overall on the day!

name       time    beverages    net time

Rose, C   21:00   4 x 16 oz     17:32
Kobak, J 21:30   2 x 16 oz     19:46
Santor, J 19:47  0 x 0 oz       19:47
Lis, E        22:35   6 x 12 oz     20:23

The Viking Helmet Championship Series concludes next week with the HELLMENKOLLEN marathon reverse pursuit start.  The VHCS leader goes of last in a handicapped start, first one to the line wins!


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