Viking Helmet Quest Continues with Berserkerbeiner!

The VHCS marches on and the War Ensemble congregates at MVH today with the penultimate event: The BERSERKERBEINER!
The Berzerkerbeiner Rennet is a reenactment race of the famous time in Peru Nordic History when a young Mitch of Hell made his way out to MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion to protect the infernal bonfire while the rest of  us were just skiing around.

as tribute to this event, skiers will race in FREESTYLE Technique
Skiers will ski one lap,then, in between laps, skiers scoop up containers of beverages and carry them around during their second lap. (BYOB) Skiers must carry each container without the aid of backpack or pockets (although “foam dome” is allowed). containers must be removed from any secondary packaging i.e. taken out of the 30 pack cardboard packaging.
Skiers recieve 10 seconds bonus for each container they carry, and 1 second bonus per fl. oz. carried.  So Chris Rose’s 5 Mountain Brews would earn him 5 x 10 + 5 x 12 or 110 bonus seconds.  Bob Maswick’s 2 40oz Old English 800s would earn him 2 x 10 + 2 x 40, or 100 bonus seconds.
bonuses will be doubled if skiers imbibe one of those containers after they finish, but before they stop their watches on lap 2.  So if Rose can down one of those Mountain Brews prior to stopping his time, his bonus improves to 220 seconds!  Drink up! (no additional bonus for downing more than one, but don’t let that discourage you from doing so)
There is no limitation on the type of beverage, although non-NA beverages are strongly encouraged.

The last race of the Viking Helmet Championship Series takes place next Wednesday with the world famous HELLmenkollen 3 lap freestyle marathon, featuring the patented reverse-pursuit start.  Can Jon Santor hold on to his lead?  Can Chris Rose continue his hot streak and capture his 4th Viking Helmet title? Can Jim Kobak out race those two and win his second championship in a row?  Stay tuned, it all shakes out next Wednesday!

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