Peru Nordic’s Jon Santor is the 2011 State Champion!!!!!

Santor led the Peru Nordiques in the tough waxing conditions of the 21 km NYSSRA Champions Cup Race.  Santor out-sprinted Eric Seyse for the overall victory, finishing in 1:05:15.

Peru put 5 Skiers in the top 10, with Chris Rose 5th, Stan Hatch 7th, Jim Kobak 8th and Keith Kogut 10th.

Amanda Zullo, giving away her super secret special skis to her competition, captured the overall Bronze in the women’s race.

Peru won 10 medals on the day, Santor, Rose, Hatch and Zullo all took home gold medals, along with the newest Peru Nordique, Kirsten Domas.   Joe Korzinecki and Jim Kobak both won silvers.  Keith Kogut, Ed Lis and Jerry Curcio each minted bronze.

In the End-of-season awards, Peru Nordic had 8 Skiers in the Elite NYSSRA RED GROUP, Hatch, Kogut, Mike Wynn, Rose, Santor, Zullo, Kobak and Curcio.  Jerry Curcio finished 5th overall in NYSSRA 2011-12 scoring.  Look for them sporting their new NYSSRA red-group touques next Wednesday night.

Jim Kobak and Amanda Zullo both won their respective age group’s overall points series and took home some sweet new NYSSRA gear.

Peru Nordic turns it up to 11 tomorrow with four killer relay teams:

BONDED BY BLOOD: Keith Kogut and Jim Kobak

LESSON IN VIOLENCE: Jon Santor and Stan Hatch

STRIKE OF THE BEAST: Ed Lis, Joe Korzinecki and Doug Diehl

DEATHAMPHETAMINE:  Chris Rose and Amanda Zullo




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